Introducing Wine Kolonist winery

Introducing Wine Kolonist winery

Wine Kolonist is a family winery owned by Ivan and Alla Plachkov. Located in a famous Ukrainian wine-producing region – Danubian Bessarabia (Odesa region). Their 33 hectares of vines grow on loam soils rich in minerals, with deep layers of lime. Low yields, manual harvesting, unique terroir with perfect climate conditions (the vineyards lie at the same latitude as Bordeaux in France and Piedmont in Italy) combined with modern equipment from France, Germany and Italy, and the traditional French 100-year-old oak barriques give the Kolonist a right to be proud of its high-quality wines.

The winery currently produces 300,000 bottles of wine per year, including oak-aged reds, steel-aged wines, semi-dry and dessert wines, and "Bisser", a sparkling wine made using the traditional method.

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