Introducing Chateau Chizay

Introducing Chateau Chizay

Chateau Chizay was founded in 1995 and is deeply connected to the local winemaking tradition. The chateau stands where the old vinery of the 17th century was once located, in the middle of the winemaking valley named Chizay. 

Zakarpattia (Transcarpathia) is a famous wine region in western Ukraine that borders Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. Here, mild sunlight combines with optimal rainfall, and the Carpathian Mountains protect the vineyard from northern winds. The soil, full of minerals, adds unique aromas and tastes to the grapes, producing wines with a very special terroir character. 

Chateau Chizay owns 272 hectares of the most beautiful and well-kept vineyards and a modern winemaking complex consisting of an up-to-date winery, a wine-tasting hall, a museum of wine history, a nice restaurant and a mini hotel—a popular tourist spot in the region.

In Transcarpathia, they say, “Wine loves the sun and the shadow of the master.” The number of sunny days in Chizay's vineyards is the highest in the region, and their masters approach each vine at least 5 times per season.

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